There’s no better time to look and feel your best than the summer months. Whether it’s lazy days on the water or getting out in the sun with friends and family, summer is a wonderful time to ditch the winter garb and take in the lovely weather. For many, though, summer can have a wide range of physical and emotional impacts on those struggling with weight gain, obesity or excessive body fat.  Hot temperatures and humidity can make breathing more challenging, the heart has to work harder, and many are insecure when it comes to summer clothes and bathing suits.

If you’re in the Tampa FL area and ready to reclaim your once youthful summer physique, there are many new options available to help you lose weight and burn fat without drugs, surgery or gimmicky tactics.

Custom Weight Loss Programs

Thanks to some rather impressive advancements in the study of weight loss and metabolic response, researchers and physicians now have a far better understanding of how each individual’s biochemistry affects their inclination to store fat, as well as their ability to burn it.  At Wight Loss Tampa, Dr. Shelton has had great success in helping people from across the country lose weight, eliminate stored fan and reduce their BMI through uniquely customized weight loss plans.


The Nutrifit rapid fat loss program has been immensely popular since its introduction just a few years, with a high number of patients reporting weight loss results in excess of 20-40 pounds by their 8th week.  By using a gentle galvanic skin response, this non-invasive system sends specific messages throughout the body, all while monitoring the physio-chemical response.  Baseline comparisons provide detailed analysis of unique biological preferences, as well as out-of-range biomarkers and areas where the body may be weak or imbalanced.

Nutrition Plans and Programs

One of the most common misconceptions about weight loss is that nutrition only plays a minor role.  What so many don’t realize is that a simple imbalance in essential nutrients, enzymes, electrolytes or other vital compounds, can trigger a long series of biological reactions which make it very difficult to properly metabolize fat.  At our Tampa weight loss clinic, Dr. Shelton can accurately identify any deficiencies or imbalances, before creating a custom plan to help bridge any nutritional gaps and restore nutrient homeostasis.

Call the Weight Loss Specialists Tampa Trusts

With so many innovative new options available for losing weight and eliminating body fat, there’s no reason to spend another summer indoors, out of breath or self-conscious.  Call Weight Loss Tampa today at 612-879-9500 to learn more, get answers or schedule an appointment.  You can also write to Dr. Shelton and his staff through our website’s confidential contact page.