Think, for a moment, of virtually every weight loss program you’ve tried in the past. There’s a pattern that’s worth acknowledging. You go in, talk to a self-proclaimed expert, and walk out with either an impossible-to-follow diet/exercise regime, or a bag full of overpriced dietary supplements and the best wishes of those who gladly accepted your credit card. This is lazy, cookie-cutter nonsense that does nothing but pad the pockets of those you entrusted to help with something which affects your health, appearance and overall sense of self-confidence.

We at Nutrifit reject this approach, and have invested heavily in technology that accurately identifies each individual’s root weight gain triggers. By utilizing advanced, non-invasive Zyto™ biocommunication scans, our team of weight loss physicians can determine, specifically, what is causing you to store fat at an accelerated and unhealthy pace.

  • 100% safe, non-invasive scanning that evaluate over 2,800 unique biomarkers

  • Provides a detailed blueprint of imbalances, deficiencies and areas of concern

  • Allows your weight loss physician to make a more accurate, personalized diagnosis

  • Provides individualized information to help you achieve weight loss goals faster

  • Nutrifit fat loss solutions require no drugs, surgery or significant lifestyle changes

  • View our testimonials page to see how others have benefited from the Nutrifit system

If you’ve exhausted your patience for fat loss programs that do nothing but waste time and drain your financial resources, we invite you to learn what makes the Nutrifit program so innovative and effective. We’re based in Clearwater, FL and proudly serve the entire Tampa/St. Pete region. Get in touch today to learn more about the science behind our system, or schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Robert Shelton online or in-person.

Nutrifit is located at 2454 N. McMullen Booth Road, and can be reached by phone at 727-255-2040 to get started. You can also write to us in complete confidence by filling out the short contact form on our secured website.